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Advanced Java Programming with IntelliJ IDEA

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Advanced Java Programming with IntelliJ IDEA
Advanced Java Programming with IntelliJ IDEA
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Learn the Sought After Java Skills you Need for a Programming Career

What Will I Learn?

Learn many advanced Java methods
Get comfortable with the popular IDE, IntelliJ
Learn how to scan, process and store data
Read and write to documents through code and user input
OOP, Object Orientated Programming, where you create your own objects and classes


You will need a computer
The IntelliJ IDEA Software
And know the basic fundamentals on Java programming


Welcome to my Advanced course on Java Programming with IntelliJ IDEA!

My name is Matthew Dewey. I am an experienced programmer, having received several accolades on programming in my formal education as well as taught several programming languages to thousands of students. My goal is to provide you, the budding programmer, the the knowledge you need on programming in an easy and fun manner. In this course I do just that and with one of the most useful IDEs coupled with the Java programming language.

Java, a wonderfully simple programming language that has encouraged many programmers to pursue careers involving Java over any other language. Of course, it goes without saying that Java is an excellent language, but do you know what is required of you in a programming career?

There are many skills in programming that are required in any form of the field, but what I plan to to teach you in this course is exactly what you will find on many job requirements as well as many advanced methods that will no doubt help you in the future. I speak of OOP, Object Orientated Programming, in addition I included data processing and storage.

Data is important in the technological world that we live in, but what we use is processed data, so you, as the budding programmer need to know this as well. I show you how to scan through large amounts of data with ease as well as extract specific types and process it as well.

What about IntelliJ IDEA? A popular, widely used IDE that many large applications have been created in over the years. Do you know how to use it to its full potential? Well, in this course we will go through several projects that will help you get truly comfortable with the IDE as well as more adept at program creation.

In short, you will learn:

Advanced Java Methods

Data Collection

Data Processing and Storage

Data Extraction

Data Scanning

OOP, Object Orientated Programming

and BONUS tips and methods!

Go no further if you're looking for the course that will take you from a novice to an expert! With my course I can guarantee that the knowledge you learn will help you in your career or further studies on Java programming. I hope you enjoy the course and it helps you on your way into the world of programming!

"Programming is a form of art. It is logical creativity!"

Who is the target audience?

Java programmers seeking advanced knowledge on the Java programming language
Java programmers looking to advance in the field

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