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Kettlebell Training For Enhancing Combative Skills

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Kettlebell Training For Enhancing Combative Skills
Kettlebell Training For Enhancing Combative Skills
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In this two-disk program, we take an in-depth look at how we can employ Kettlebells for cross-training our Combative attributes. Anyone familiar with the Strength & Conditioning aspect of UC via Com-Fit will know that any piece of KIT is merely a means to an end. It is concepts and principles that drive any good objective - the KIT we employ is secondary to that all day long.

With that said, the humble Kettlebell has come back into vogue over the last decade and is employed by nearly every Combat Athlete that has ever entered the cage or laid his back to the mat, and for good reason - they work! Their history is long and interesting - from its early ancestor the Stone Padlock, which was employed by martial artists for centuries throughout China, Okinawa and Asia, to the early block weights and kettlebells of the Vaudeville strong men of the early 1900's. And, not forgetting of course, their association with the Russian Military as the training tool of choice.

The benefits of kettlebell training have been touted by many for a long time now, particularly for the Combat Athlete - which, of course, translates to the Street Combatives trainee. Here, we look at the main benefits to those training in Combatives, primarily the synergistic effect that KB training has on the body and how this translates well to the task-specific action of striking and controlling a non-compliant subject on a ballistically explosive level.

We look at the plyometric benefits of KB training, keeping in line with the objective of connecting our feet to our hands via the explosive synergy that we can apply to our kinetic chain when employing any Hard Skill. We also look at the use of kettlebells for strength & conditioning protocols, strength & power endurance, and also for pre/rehabilitation of shoulder injuries so common to the Combat athlete. Finally, we look at specific ways in which we can integrate KB training with our primary Combative Hard Skills on impact KIT.

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Kettlebell Training For Enhancing Combative Skills
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