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Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes

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Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes
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At the top levels of MMA, there are so many fighters using kettlebells to great effect.
Fedor Emelianenko, Frank Shamrock are among the notables that are pushing the training envelope with kettlebell training.
Fighters are boasting stronger more powerfull striking techniques, explosive take downs and an unbreakable ground game as a result of kettlebell training.
With such dramatic results coming from the kettlebell trend, every man and his dog are used to kettlebells to lift there combat performance.

This is the smart fighter can lead the pack.
"Kettlebell Training For Combat Athletes" 2 DVD set, by Jason C. Brown and Zach Even-Esh is a significant move to increasing the effectiveness of standard kettlebell training, and helping you become a stronger more powerful fighter. Jason and Zach's methods are all fight specific, and perfect for the MMA athlete.
We've been incorporating the Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes here at Fighters Review for a month now, and WOW! If you're into really pushing your self, then get the spew bucket out.
These are not the standard Kettlebell exercises, although the rudiments are covered at the beginning, and are explained well. This gives the beginner a good start to start with.
My favorite exercises in the set were the Kettlebell Complexes, which is basically a set of Kettlebell exercises done without pausing. Years ago when preparing for a fight I used an Eastern Bloc Barbell. I thought I was the man, and in part of that fight. The Kettlebell Complexes compared to the Barbell ones are killer. The off center of the Kettlebells combined with the fight. Your heart lungs and muscles will be crying NOOOO !!!! I got quickly humbled.
Disk 2 covers using Kettlebells combined with other tools and training implements such as bands, platforms and towels. The tools combined with the Kettlebells make for some very effective training. I especially liked the box jumps combined with the Kettlebell cleans, think EXPLODE, because that's what you'll be doing in fighting after doing these for a month.
After doing it for a month. You'll be able to push yourself alot more, and keep each other in correct form.
The bottom line is these are 2 DVDs full of pain and fun that will take your fighting ability to the next level, and get you ahead of the pack


Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes

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